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Who We Are

We are “CoGrowCo” also known as The Colorado Growing Company.

We have been actively involved in the legal cannabis industry since 2010. We approached this industry as businessmen looking for a great business opportunity. What we didn’t realize is how complex this industry was and continues to become.

Among the areas we soon realized we needed to be on top of were:

  • Legal and compliance
  • Business organization
  • Taxes
  • Retail considerations for our Center
  • Cultivation
  • Capitalization

Our mistakes were expensive but favorable learning experiences. Our shortfalls were endured with a better understanding on what it takes to run an efficient commercial cultivation facility and retail dispensary.

We started CoGrowCo with the investors’ interest in mind. Let us help you start off on the right track. Let our mistakes and subsequent successes help you get off the ground on the right foot.

We can save you money and help fill the gaps in whatever area of your operation you need guidance.

What we do

CoGrowCo treats every customer differently. It is depends on your needs. We are a full-service turnkey solution that can help you with all aspects of your Cultivation Facility or Retail Dispensary. We will provide you with an initial free evaluation of your current business model, identify your current needs and understand the scope of your operation. We will then recommend all options and solutions for getting you started on the right foot.

Areas that we will concentrate on initially will be:

  • Business structure
  • Licensing
  • Compliance requirements
  • Cultivation design and build-out
  • Dispensary start-up