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Lighting Technologies

Whether lighting a greenhouse or warehouse, our high-performance lighting solutions help you the efficiency you need for a scaled commercial grow.

Commercial LED grow lights (Flower and Veg)

  • Up to 60% less electrical requirements (savings).
  • 50,000-hour warranty (5 years running a 12-hour flower) Light only degrades by 10% by year number 10.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Software feature to create lighting recipes for different cycles with different lighting spectrum.
  • Most electric companies provide rebates for lowering their grid.
  • Have been in the fortune 500 and University agricultural space since 2007.
  • Lower build-out costs.
  • USA manufactured and hand built.

LED Veg lights

  • Developed specifically for vegetative production.
  • Electrical rebates available
  • 45% reduction in electrical requirements.
  • Same par value with substantially less electric.
  • USA manufactured – 5-year warranty.

1000 watt HPS lights double ended fixture.

  • Alternative to an LED
  • Comparable to Gavita and E-papillon fixtures.